Dear high-school me: lessons learned

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I was going through some pictures to find a good TBT for one of my friend's birthdays and came across a whole bunch from my freshman year of high school. Thinking back, there's a whole lot I would have told myself and I wish I would have known.
PS- I was too lazy to scan the pages of my scrapbook my amazing mother and sisters made for me so here's some crappy iPhone pictures of the scrapbook pages.

Dear high-school-age me,
First and foremost, don't buy that pink dress for homecoming. You'll never touch it again and end up not liking it as much as you thought. And keep your hair down. You'll realize real quickly that you have a round face and won't make that mistake again.
Yup, that's me in the pink. Of these girls, I'm still friends with two of them. Crazy.
 Make sure you enjoy as much time as you can with your friends. Friendships will fade, people will move, some will even pass away before high school is said and done. Cherish them. 
You and "Rob" really do make a good couple. You don't hang out as much as you'd like but you're only a freshman and neither of you can drive. Remember that before you break up with him.
Drumline is pretty cool. You're gonna miss it, you're gonna miss the people and you're gonna miss music. That's the last time you'll play an instrument and your vibraphone was awesome. Oh and winning the state championship was pretty cool, too.

Put some effort into track. You're gonna miss the camaraderie and team-type stuff when it's over, not to mention a coach to make you work out every day. 
Develop a relationship with God before tragedy strikes. It'll help you a lot in the long run.
Boy do I miss that little car. And my sophomore bod...and my sick lifeguarding tan...and my ankle bracelet.
Boys will come and go. Remember the one who will win your heart will stand out in many ways. Be so grateful you saved yourself for him. The sex ed lady knew what she was talking about, as lame as it may have seemed at the time.
The one that stood out.
Guard your heart and your boundaries. It will pay off, but there will be pain and heartache in the process. 
Don't buy the blue dress for prom, either. Think classic and timeless, geesh.
My dress choices freshman year. Good Lord. And since I don't regularly talk to my ex's, his face is blurred for his privacy.
Your little siblings may seem lame now, but they're gonna be your best friends down the road and you're gonna miss the crap outta them when they go to college. Fight and laugh and love and respect them as much as possible. 
The less eye liner the better, promise.
Oh the eyeliner! Oh the humanity!
High school Genna, you have a lot going for you. Remember that what seems like the end of the world in high school is not. Pay attention in class, develop friendships and mentor ships with your teachers and learn! Have fun, go to lots of events and cheer your butt off at football games. You're really gonna miss that atmosphere of the student section and the tight-knit community LBHS offered you when it's done. 
College-Grad Me


  1. I think we all have letters we can write to ourselves like this. So weird that we will probably have letters to write our "now" selves in 10 years that sound about the same.

    LOVE that red (orange?) flowered dress on you! Gorgeous!

    1. It was my favorite high school dance dress ever. I told myself I wanted a red dress for senior prom and I ended up with a red-ish one :)
      And it's weird to even imagine what I'll be telling myself in another few years. Probably much for the same like, "the things you're worrying about aren't really things at all."

  2. I love this post! I would tell myself many of the same things - especially the part about the eyeliner and the prom dresses. I have one hanging in my closet that is a lovely irridescent rainbow of colors, with glitter. It's really...something. :)

    1. Hahaha I know I can't look at half my scrapbook without cringing. Good lord what were we thinking?! :)

  3. I love this. Isn't it crazy looking back at those years and how much we wish we had known back then?

    1. I can't even imagine what I'll write to my current self in another couple years. Hindsight is totally 20/20!


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