Honeymoon Wrap-Up 4: Mahogany Bay, Roatan Island Honduras

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 1: Grand Cayman Day 2: Cozumel Day 3: Belize
Oh Mahogany Bay, how I love thee.
This tied with Cozumel as my favorite stop, but there were a lot of differences in the two stops.
First, Cozumel is obviously a big city in Mexico. Mahogany Bay in on an island owned by Carnival used just for cruise stops. It was so private and clean and natural it was literally paradise. But I'll let the pictures doing the talking for me :)
You get off the boat and it's a quick walk to the beach. No cabs, no vultures offering excursions, nothing. Just a quick walk down a gorgeous nature path and BOOM. PARADISE.

You could either walk or pay $12 to take a little ride on the lift to the beach. It was quick so we opted to save our $24. Plus the scenery was SO beautiful I didn't mind the walk one bit (although I'm sure the views from above were just as good).

See?! I wasn't kidding. It. Was. Perfect.

The people in the background just stood there. They knew we were trying to take a picture but they didn't move. We tried to wait them out but they stayed there for HOURS. No joke or exaggeration. Rude. 
That was the view from my chair. Helloooooo beautiful.
There was beautiful natural reefs here, too. In the last picture you can see off to the left a dock. That dock was at the end of a long pier and if you went about 10 yards off the end of the dock you were swimming totally unprotected amongst natural reefs. No buoys, no limits, no lifeguards, no nothing. And if you went to the end of the reefs, you hit the drop-off. Yup, just like in Finding Nemo it just went BLACK and DEEP in an instant.
I didn't snorkel a whole lot. Between the Lion Fish and the Eel we saw, I was a little intimidated. It was scary and really made you think how vulnerable you were. If I wanted to go up for air and just clear my mask for a minute Cam would pop up and tell me to quit cuz I was kicking the reef with my fins! A little scary cuz then I was worried about what I was making mad down there. No gracias.
Despite the smack in the face by mother nature, I loved Honduras. It was so beautiful and peaceful and just plain paradise. Like I said it's a cruise-owned stop which made it really nice of course. It's not a city or anything so it's just for you!
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