Sunday Confessions

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Well it's been a hot minute since I linked up with Alyx for Sunday Confessions. This week has been one for the books so I figured it was time.

1. Today is bridal shower day for my friend Danielle! I'm a bridesmaid in her wedding in May and I'm so excited! I was wondering if the excitement for weddings would wear off after my own, but it hasn't. It's something about the celebration of love before God, family and friends gives me the warm and fuzzies.

2. Thank you for all the support on Tuesday's post. It was time for me to be real and upfront about what has been going on lately and I've been really blessed since I published it.

3. I think it's time for a blog design update. I've had this one for almost two years so yeah, it's about that time.

4. I wish e-books weren't so expensive. That sounds dumb since they're a lot cheaper than hard copies, but I just go through them so fast! I've been debating trying Oyster, any thoughts?

5. I officially graduate in a couple weeks. My school doesn't have a December ceremony anymore so we all graduate in the May ceremony. I really didn't wanna come back and walk in graduation a whole semester after I was done, but my mom made me (boo) and I'm actually getting excited for it. But don't tell my mom ;)

6. I went back to campus for an awards ceremony about a week and a half ago and I got to see all the girls I was close to during my time there. It didn't hit me until I got home how much I missed them. It was great to spend the afternoon with them while all of us were honored with some award or another.
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  1. I need a new design, too. Just feel like I never have time to sit down and make one.

    And I wish that e-books were not so expensive! I feel like they should be like, $0.99. Or $1.99. I also feel like there should be a giant e-library where you can check out any e-book you'd like for a yearly subscription of $15 or $20. I'd totally pay that.

    1. EXACTLY. Only getting like $1 or 2 off a book when there are NO PRINTING OR CIRCULATION COSTS makes me want to punch someone. Oyster is a $8/month version, but it's not like very book ever it's just a few of the big publishers and I'm just not sure if I'll find what I like within that library :-/


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