30 Things in 30 Weeks: Owning Our Mistakes

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lehmann Laughter

Have you made a mistake and learned from it? How did the process affect you or the people around you?

If you answered no to the first part of the prompt, you're probably lying to yourself. Everyone makes mistakes and I think not learning from them or purposely avoiding/not acknowledging them is really unhealthy.
Yes, we've all made mistakes. I would consider my high school years full of them. From the guys I hung out with/dated to the dresses I picked out for homecomings and proms (ugh)...mistakes.
A lot of those mistakes did affect other people. For example, there was a handful of guys I dated (none seriously and none sexually) that really affected the beginning of my relationship with Cam. My reputation preceded me and he was extremely hesitant. Did I save myself for marriage? Yes. Did the fact that I had prior relationships still affect us? Yes.
Some of those guys my friends at the time didn't like or get along with. Sad to say, but the first couple guys caused me to lose friends. I definitely learned from that one. The lesson? The guys aren't worth it and your friends will appreciate the good one that finally comes around.
Okay so I guess this post turned into a rough dating history. Oops. But the guys I've dated are an awesome example of mistakes I've learned from!


  1. oh my gosh - my junior prom dress/hair/and MAKE UP WAS A HORRIBLE MISTAKE!

    girl...dating history....bleh. i dont even want to think about it at the moment, it can be so challenging and so hard to really swallow hwen the time for marriage comes.
    the skeletons in my closet, and i'm sure my "one day mr's" are going to definitely bring challenges.

    1. Bahaha I'm so glad I'm not the only one who regrets prom dresses. And dating history is seriously so rough. It still rears it's ugly head with me. Ugh. It's SO hard for me to be trusting that my sins in that way have been forgiven.

  2. Ha! We did totally start it off the same way! (Great minds :) )

    I think it's easy to equate this writing prompt with dating history - simply because I think it's easy as a young girl to get caught up in the 'romance' of a boy while you're still learning who you are and that can hurt those closest to you. I started dating my husband in high school and he had a reputation (for being a goof off) and I can't tell you the number of people who told me I was stupid for being him and that he was going to hold me back. They were wrong but I still regret (and remember) some of the things said back then even though that was over a decade ago.

    1. When Cam and I started dating in high school, he had been homeschooled and had already graduated but he had this homeschool stereotype automatically attached to him by my friends as this awkward homeschooled kid when really he wanted to be homeschooled so he could work and earn his own money while schooling. I regret believing those stereotypes they talked me into at first. High school is a bitch, basically. Such a shallow place.


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