Frankly Friday: The job hunt

Friday, May 2, 2014

I didn't have a picture that appropriately depicted my feelings about job hunting. So I took this super attractive selfie as I was writing this. This is basically what I do daily: hair in a bun, tank top and shorts, search for jobs on my couch until I have to go to work at the restaurant.
You guys, does this get any easier? How do you even find a big kid job?
Frankly, it's been about six months (which I know isn't all that long...) and I'm getting desperate/discouraged. Thankfully I have my part time job at the newspaper on Saturdays and the restaurant every other day to keep us afloat plus Cam's full time job. But I'm just not content with where I'm at.
I check the newspaper classifieds daily. I check the local Facebook job board page daily. I check the Craigslist wanted section daily.
What the heck?
I feel burnt out and I've only been working on this for a couple months. I graduated in December, but didn't start really looking until after the wedding. So far I've applied for six jobs and haven't gotten so much as an interview.
Lately I've been feeling like the journalism industry isn't exactly my calling. I want to use my writing/interviewing/conveying information abilities, just in a different way. More like public relations or general communications I guess.
Something I think I'd be really good at is an administrative position. I'm so super organized and with my background in working with information and writing it succinctly, I think I'd be a great assistant or office manager or something.
Basically I have no idea where my future is going. I thought I had it all figured out and I'd be a reporter and a fixture in the newsroom for the rest of my career. I'll just have to see where God wants me to be.


  1. I was really lucky in landing my job when I turned 20. It was a great entry level job with benefits & taught me a lot about office life. When I finally went back and finished up my degree, I kid you not I applied for at least 15 different jobs, being turned down for every single one without even an interview. It was really discouraging, especially since it's at the same place I had been working at for 5 years already! But then, I caught a break and got the job I have now and love it. It'll happen, just keep working on it and taking amazing selfies. That's really all you can do!

    1. If I could build a portfolio entirely based on amazing selfies, I'd totally have a job by now lol! Thanks for the support, Tam. It means so much to me!

  2. Hey, don’t lose hope. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a job that will suit you perfectly. The key to landing a job is always patience. Companies don’t always respond immediately to their applicants. What's ironic is when you settle for the first job offer that you receive, the other ones would start coming. Good luck!

    Donna Roland @ Epiphany Staffing Group


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