Throwback to last Saturday- Graduation!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Our school live streams the ceremony for friends and family to watch from afar, and also has two large screen where they project the live stream for those in the audience who can't see as well. Also, blurred my maiden name, hence the pixels. This is me receiving my degree and shaking hands with the president of the university.
Last weekend was a lot of fun. First, I got Friday and Saturday night off. Why? Because I graduated!
If you've been following along, you're probably a little confused since I announced I was done way back in December. Long story short I attended a small school that no longer hosts a winter graduation ceremony. Therefore those of us who finish our degree at different times of the school year have to come back in May to participate in there ceremony.
I didn't particularly want to walk for graduation. I saw it as a waste of money for a cap and gown and a boring couple hours spent in a gym on a nice Saturday. My parents made me requested that I walk. Considering they contributed substantially to my college education in a number of ways, I figured I'd do it for them.
The two girls to my left were in my freshman orientation/scheduling group. Little did I know we'd spend the next four year together!
Don't tell my mom, but I'm really glad I did. It was a lot of fun to celebrate with the friends I'd spent 3.5 years of my life struggling studying with and have that day of recognition just for me. There was about 700 of us in the undergraduate ceremony (the Masters/doctorate ceremony was earlier in the day).
You didn't think there would be a post without a picture of my dog in it, did you? He just poses so perfectly.
My school has this weird superstition. There's an arch at the front of campus and during freshman initiation we walk into the arch toward campus. The superstition is if you walk under that arch at any point during your college career you will flunk out of school and never graduate from anywhere. People take this really seriously here and there are sidewalks built on either side of the arch for this purpose.
I look a little scared (mainly because walking in heels in front of people is nerve racking) but I promise I was excited!
After graduation, there is a big arch ceremony where you walk out through the arch away from campus, symbolizing the end of your time there. My friend Taylor and I were the first to walk out of it of all the people in our class so we got some great pictures!
Me with my siblings. We're a little dysfunctional and this was the best shot we could get.
After the ceremony, walking through the arch and all the pictures/hugging that followed, we went home and my family joined us for a big graduation celebration bbq. My grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins all came down to celebrate with us and it was such a special time. Like I said, it was a great day and it was a gratifying experience to celebrate all the hard work I did for more than three years to get to this point.
These two are my awesome parents. 
My mom's parents 
My little family


  1. Yay! The only day I ever set foot on my campus was the day I graduated. There's a night program at a local community college that allows students to get 4 year degrees from other colleges - so we had online classes, professors would drive down to teach (about 2 hours) and hybrid classes. No one ever actually goes and walks when they graduate from it but my group of 5 friends and I were like, we did it so we're going! It's so funny now when the Alumni organization calls to tell me about all the new things happening on campus and I'm like, UHHH I don't know what you're talking about. haha.

    I'm glad you were forced to, I mean, requested to walk - great photos and wonderful memories!

    1. That is so crazy! I did a lot of online classes, mainly in the summer, but I can't imagine never having gone to campus!
      Honestly, I'm really glad they made me walk (just don't tell my mom that lol) because it was so fun to celebrate all the work I did.

  2. Congratulations, Genna! Your family looks so happy for you! Xoxo

    1. Thank you :) they're pretty much the best!


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