Wedding Day: The Details

Friday, July 25, 2014

One of my favorite parts of the wedding planning was the little details. I tried not to be too cliche with everything. I wanted it to be unique. One of the things I enjoy least about weddings is going to one and thinking, "Oh, I saw that on Pinterest."
Instead, I created as much as I could on my own.

Theme: Freed at Last

I created all the wedding paper products myself. We used the theme "Freed at Last" across the board. Yes, a little cheesy since it's my blog theme, but it's been our thing longer than it's been a blog title. It was also the name of our signature drink at the reception.

Shoes: TOMS wedges
I knew I didn't want heels because I can't walk in them well/it was February, but I wanted some height. I ordered these TOMS and they were perfect. The beautiful color matched my wedding colors (blush and gray) perfectly, were easy and comfortable and duh, TOMS are for a good cause!

The Bracelet

This bracelet holds so much meaning. Manu and Papa are what we call my mom's parents (long story short my oldest cousin/the first grandchild couldn't say grandma and it came out Manu apparently and it stuck). My grandparents bought me and my sisters and the rest of the granddaughters individual pearls for Christmas for years until individual pearls became hard to find. My sisters and I decided as our something borrowed for one and other's weddings, we'd string all of ours together to make a bracelet. When I took the pearls in to have them strung the jeweler was amazed. He said people didn't string pearls anymore and it was practically a lost art (AKA it was going to be expensive).

The Garter
I was surprised when my aunt asked if she could make my garter. As far as I knew she didn't normally make garters but I said yes because I was excited she offered. When she gave this to me after rehearsal dinner, it was hard to avoid the tears. It was my something old, new, borrowed and blue all in one. The Old: the white flower at the top was made from linen from my great-great grandmother's handkerchief. The New: the garter itself. The Borrowed: a piece of our invitation made into a little charm. The Blue: a piece of felted yarn from one of my grandma's many projects.

 The Bouquet Charms
Something that was really important to me was making sure my my best friend and my late grandpa (whom I never met) were honored on our big day. I ordered these charms from this Etsy shop. They are great quality charms and looked perfect on my flowers. It was a subtle, but heartwarming way to honor the two people who couldn't be there for our day. 

The Unity Cross
No sand or candles for us. I didn't want a jar of sand or a half-burnt candle on our mantle for the rest of our lives. I found the Unity Cross on Pinterest and knew I had to have it. It is such a staple in our home now and a great conversation piece. First Cameron put his piece on the base, then I put my piece inside his. There is a lot of meaning behind each piece (which you can read about on their site), and then they were joined by three pin-like nails, signifying so many things: the father, son and holy spirit; the three nails by which Jesus was nailed to the cross; the cord of three which the Lord says cannot be broken; etc. 
This was one of the most symbolic and important parts of the ceremony to me. It meant a lot to me and still does. That cross sits as a centerpiece in our home and reminds me daily of our commitment to one another and the Lord.

Our Canvas Guestbook
Instead of a guestbook that would've certainly sat on a shelf and never been looked at again, we took one of our gorgeous engagement pictures and made a canvas print. People signed around us with nice silver and gold pens and now it's hung as art in our home. The downside to this? Not everyone knew they were supposed to sign it. I think some people thought it was just there to be displayed and didn't see signatures. I figured it'd be pretty self explanatory so I didn't make a sign or anything directing people to sign it. Guess I was wrong because we had maybe 50 of our 200 guests sign it.

There was a lot of other small, handmade details to our wedding but these are the things that stood out the most to me and I'd recommend to any other bride.


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    1. Thanks, girl! Can't wait to see (creep) on your's :)

  2. all of your details = love! so perfect for y'all!
    (I love the pearls, and I had NO IDEA people don't really string pearls anymore, how weird!)

    1. I know I thought it was so strange! It's also expensive to do now because they had to ship the pearls to another store in their chain to someone who knew how to do it.


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