We're home!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

You may recall about two months ago I mentioned we were buying a house. The actual buying process (i.e. figuring out mortgage stuff, satisfying the bank, etc.) took a lot longer than we thought. We didn't end up closing until July 29 (aka the day before we had to have our keys turned in to our apartment managers), three weeks later than we were expecting to.
To say it was stressful would be an understatement. We loaded all we could in a box truck, our cars, my parents cars, my siblings cars, etc. and pretty much were left with a mattress on the floor and the clothes we were wearing the next few days.
Tuesday the 29th I switches shifts so I was off work at 1 pm, Cam took the day off, and we were at the title agency to close on our home by 3. We had the keys in our hands and were on our way to start moving in by 3:45.
Needless to say, not everything got done that night. Everything is still not unpacked, I think there are 4-6 totes tucked away in closets I haven't even cracked open yet. In the next few weeks we are having some cracks in the ceilings patched and then the ceilings sprayed/refinished, so there really is no point to getting stuff out when it would just be something else to work around when the painting time comes.
We have a special connection with this home. In 1956, the year before my mom was born, my grandparents built this home. They're children (my grandpa and his sister) were grown and having babies of their own, so they built the home they'd stay in for the rest of their lives. My great grandpa passed away, then about ten years later my great grandma followed. My great aunt (grandpa's sister) then moved in around 1995 once her children were all grown and out of her care. My great aunt passed away earlier this year and in the interest of keeping it in the family, her daughter offered it to us.
This home has been a huge blessing. There has never been children or animals living here, so it's in great condition with just light wear and tear. There were a few minor things the home inspector identified, but nothing big. Cosmetically, it's another story. One room is yellow, one room is mint, a few rooms are blue, one room was pink, there is blue carpet, pink carpet and cream carpet. It's a rainbow, and not a good one. The pink carpet is already gone (thank goodness for hardwood underneath!) and the walls are soon to follow when the ceilings are done.
There's a million and one little things to do, but nothing we can't handle on our own. We are so, so grateful we were able to afford this beautiful house and keep it in the family where it belongs.

Hopefully I'll get around to taking some "before" pictures. I'll surely keep you updated on our DIYs!


  1. What an exciting adventure for you guys!! (Hopefully it feels that way instead of like a giant to-do list. I have been vacillating between the two feelings ever since I moved.)

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! it is a beautiful home!
    annnnddd I love that it is a family home for y'all - something that holds many years of memories and a place for y'all to make new memories! yay!


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