Our Love Story pt. 1

Monday, September 22, 2014

When I was in high school, my attractive algebra teacher had this saying. Every Friday when the bell rang for us to leave his class he'd say, "Have a good weekend. Make good choices!"
During my junior year of high school
High school was innocent for me and my friends. I went to a small county school with 112 people in my graduating class. Everyone knew everyone, and we were okay with that. There wasn't a whole lot of drinking, or smoking, or anything that may have corrupted us too early.
Deziree and I
It wasn't uncommon on the weekend to stay the night at a friend's house and roam around the neighborhood to meet up with other people to continue roaming. We'd just find more friends and walk. One nice March night in 2009 (my junior year), I was staying at my friend Emily's house with our friend Deziree. We ended up walking a few streets away and were standing in our classmate Brian's driveway. Brian had a bunch of guys over so we were all standing in his driveway hanging out in laughing. Looking back on it, high school was so fun. We were all just happy-go-lucky kids with an air of naivety that kept us that way.
Emily and I at prom just a few weeks after that night
Just then, some senior guys pulled up on their motorcycles. Despite our innocent, county-school atmosphere, there was always those bad boys who really aren't all that bad. We all knew who they were, because they were a pretty good looking set of twins on motorcycles. Who wouldn't know them? Well the helmets came off and I realized one of the two wasn't a twin. I had no idea who he was, but with that old faded Ohio State hat on backwards while he was leaning over his handlebars, I don't know that I cared who he was at that moment. Suddenly, Deziree jumps on the back of the twin's bike, Emily gets in the car and the guys go back into Brian's house. I'm left alone with the guy on the bike.
Without another word being said and my algebra teacher's awkward "make good choices" reminder echoing in my head, I jumped on the back of the guy's back. And those first word's I'll never forget...
"You know I'm not the other twin, right?"

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