Our Love Story pt. 2

Monday, September 29, 2014

"Yeah" was all I had to respond to that. No cute giggle, Genna? No, nothing. Just a yeah. 
We rode around the neighborhood. No speeding, no stunts, just riding. I don't remember how the night ended, but I do remember hoping and praying my parents didn't find out (small school community=nosy parents).

A week (maybe more, I don't remember specifically), I was leaving the McDonald's drive-thru before heading to a friend's house in that same neighborhood to hang out for the evening. As I was pulling out, I noticed a few motorcycles pulling in. There was a few more this time, but I was almost positive I recognized the one as the ride I had hastily jumped on prior.
Bless Facebook. Seriously. I don't know if I would've gotten anywhere without it from this point or ever seen that boy again. I creeped and thank goodness his number was public on his page. 
Now I'm not usually the one to make a move for a guy, so I'd like to call this divine intervention that I had the guts to actually text this guy. And I did.
"Hey it's genna :] hope you enjoy your McDonald's!!"
And I'll never forget the beginning of the second conversation we had either...
I explained, and told him I was heading into the neighborhood to hang out for the night. He said they'd stop by and the butterflies in my stomach went crazy.
Sure enough they stopped by and I ended up riding around with them for the majority of the night. When I got back I got some friendly jabs from my friends about this mysterious guy on the motorcycle, but for all I knew this was just a guy who had no interest in me whatsoever.
It wasn't until he continued texting me asking if we could meet up for rides for the next few weeks that I realized maybe this was something. But we had a problem...
Prom was coming up and I already had a date.*

Oh to be in high school again, where my biggest worry was the guy I was talking to being upset at me for going with a friend to prom.

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