Our Love Story pt. 3

Monday, November 17, 2014

Our high school is kind of unique in the fact that prom is held at the school. The junior class spends their freshmen and sophomore years running concession stands at football and basketball games to raise money. We then vote on a theme. That particular year it was hollywood blockbusters. 
Everyone who wants to help (which everyone does because you get out of school all day the Friday before) picks a committee and decorates from the front doors to the cafeteria/stage area. It's a serious undertaking and everyone takes in super seriously. But every year everything turns out great. 
Prom from that year. Me and my sister on the left, my date on the right
So he spent the weeks leading up to prom trying to talk me out of going. But the guy I was going with was a friend, it wasn't a "date" at all. We were just going together. I think he was just uncomfortable with me going with another guy, being that he didn't know my date.
The day before prom we were working out butts off. I was the head of the front hall committee, which is actually a lot of pressure because it's the first thing everyone sees when they walk in. There was a lot of parents helping that evening, including my mom. Somehow I managed to sneak out and swung a ride on the bike. He brought me a sweatshirt and I wore it back into the school after, not even thinking that my mom would question it. I made something up and she accepted it, but I knew I didn't wanna keep things a secret for much longer.
The night of prom, I left my phone in the car. After prom, we were heading to a friends house for an all-nighter with a bunch of people. We watched movies, ate junk food our moms made us and probably didn't fall asleep until dawn.
What I didn't realize is that night Cameron was waiting in the parking lot to see me when I left the dance. 

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