Monday, December 22, 2014

So I've already talked about all the big things that have gone on this year. But there have been some chain reactions from those things as well.

First of all, getting a job is hard. Not to mention it's my first full-time, big girl job. It's been a hard transition. Eight-hour days don't seem like much, but they're tough. I'm exhausted by the end of the day and then there's dinner to cook, a house to clean and laundry to do. Also? We've had one employee potluck since I started, with another for Christmas tomorrow. I nailed it with my pumpkin snickerdoodles last time so now the bar is super high and I have to impress. Ugh, this is rough.

Why did I want to grow up again?

Oh yeah, because being married is awesome. Cam and I have been together for more than five years, but it's amazing the dynamic that comes with marriage. It was like an instant, forever bond. It's been pretty awesome (but not without ups and downs). If I had to sum it up in these last 10 months, I'd say "so far so good."

Down side?

There's been plenty of negative changes. I have three younger siblings still at home (when the older two aren't at school) and I feel like I'm out of the loop. Our relationships outside of our marriage have changes, but I'd say for the better (anyone else start singing For Good from Wicked whenever you say for the better?).

All in all...

I'm happy. I'm happier than I was 10 months ago and a lot of that I attribute to my husband. He's forced me out of my comfort zone. I have a new job, new coworkers, new friends and a new extended family. All is well and I am grateful.

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  1. see - all positive!
    even with the changes that you haven't fully figured out yet (balancing work/marriage/etc, and new family relationship dynamics) it sounds like you're grasping it all well!
    suuuuppperrr excited to see what 2015 holds for you and cam!


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