Dear 2015, please be less exciting than 2014

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

This year has no doubt been a busy one for me.

First, I remember absolutely nothing about January. Let's fast-forward to February, probably the biggest, most exciting, most stressful month of my entire life. Exactly halfway through the month, on February 15, I married my best friend and other half, becoming Genna Freed (at last!). After that was a complete whirlwind of activities. We left at 6 AM the next day from Columbus and flew to Miami to catch our cruise ship. February was awesome. 

March and April I once again remember nothing. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary. We worked, we came home, we ate, we slept and then started all over again.

I graduated in December 2013, but our school is small so there was no ceremony until May when most graduate. So I be grudgingly agreed, much to my mother's chagrin, to walk in the May ceremony. Don't tell her, but I'm glad I did. Putting on a capping down in joining all my friends was exciting. And I'm glad I got to celebrate all my accomplishments accordingly.

The end of June was another big month for me. On June 23 I began my first "big girl job." I still love it, and am still surprised that I ended up in radio after focusing on print all those years in college. 

Almost exactly a month after I got my new job, we bought a house. We got the keys around 3 PM July 29 and had our house completely moved in by 9 PM that night. At 8 AM on July 30 I turned in the keys to our apartment.

That first weekend in our new house, I got an unexpected call from a friend. He had adopted a dog and wasn't allowed to keep him. And that's how Bo join our family. A silver lab, he's unique and beautiful. He's a handful, but has the biggest, funniest, most energetic personality.

In November, the crappy '99 Chevy Cavalier the Cameron has owned for a few years and used just to get from point A to point B died on us. And there came our second big purchase together, a new (to us) car. I've never purchased a vehicle, so it was an adventure. 

December was a welcomingly slow. I turned 23 on the 5th, we celebrated that weekend in Indianapolis with a Mannheim steamroller concert with my parents and aunt and uncle. I decorated our house for the first time and loved it. And Christmas came and went.

Now onto 2015, which I hope is a hell of a lot less exciting than 2014. Honestly, I'd be okay with it if nothing big happened in our lives. We've had enough excitement this year for the next few. 


  1. you definitely had a busy year!!! :) :)

    1. You are so right! Hopefully heading for a slow down :)


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